– enthusiast, system admin., and programmer.

Joshua is a back-end software developer working at a financial corporation. He primarily builds enterprise applications in the Java programming language. He has written software in many languages: Java, C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS.

He earned a B.S. in computer science at Northern Kentucky University.

And has an avid interest in open-source projects, enjoys reading computer science and technical literature and attending technology conferences.

Fig. 1. Griffin Hall, College of Informatics–where most computer science courses are taught.

Fig. 2. December, 2016. Graduation Day at Northern Kentucky University.

Joshua has studied many key concepts in the field of computer science which have helped shape his career:

He has worked with many libraries, frameworks and platforms:


He has built enterprise applications that demand high volume, availability and performance using Spring Framework on the Java platform. And has developed dynamic web applications using PHP and composer and front-end user interfaces using JavaScript, CSS, HTML.

View a list of projects he has designed and developed. View resume.


Fig. 3. Showing output of executed 'curl' command in a Tmux session.

The cryptic black box above, it’s where I often work. This is a zsh shell wrapped in a Tmux session–a terminal multiplexer. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll explain; basically, a shell allows a user to key in some instruction and an interpreter then parses the entry, executes it, and outputs some result . The multiplexer part simply allows the user to switch between multiple sessions within a remote terminal–and a little more.

This shell is where my interest in computing began and ultimately lead to a career. I manage servers and write Java code in my day job. But in my free time, I’m experimenting with visual experiences and playing with the newest technologies.